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Life after an Aortic Dissection

Moving to Perth saved my life. This is my account of life after an Aortic Dissection – something most people have never heard of.

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Defending your property from invaders!

How far would you go to protect your family? Scumbag burglar cries foul after being shot. #SundayNight #JustDesserts #Karma

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Remembering Bob Hawke, an Oz Revolutionary

Remembering Bob Hawke. I was there the night he lost the top job and Australia has lost an icon.

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Thankfully, Australia doesn’t have a Donald Trump

Who is of good moral character, Donald Trump or Robert Mueller? Hint… It’s not Trump!

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Setting up a Facebook Page is difficult

Damned Facebook are difficult to set up for a business! Four hours wasted and still not working.

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Dress shoes, long pants with no socks = ridiculous

Wearing long pants with no socks is a fashion blunder – please stop – you have no business leaving the house.

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Create great looking Blogs

Use images to illustrate and beautify your blogs. Don’t forget your feature image too.

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How to use Categories

Categories help people find your article – use them properly.

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Our first Blog Post

This is the first blog on our new and we hope there are lots more.