Blogging sites are popping up all over the place but none, except this one of course, are dedicated to Western Australians.

We don’t want bloggers from other states or other countries, we are interested only in Western Australians because let’s face it, Western Australians are the best Australians.

By the way, WoZ is pronounced W-Ozzie – that’s short for West Ozzie or Western Ozzie.

Of course you can blog about anything you like, and about anywhere in the world but the only criteria is that you live in Western Australia. We’d prefer you blog about WA, tell us about where you live or a great holiday location you’ve found. Have a moan about the Government if you like, we don’t care what you right as long as you aren’t trying to be offensive towards others. We’ve gotta have some rules don’t we.

Sign up, tell your friends and proudly tell the world you are a WoZ Blogger!

Becoming a WoZ Blogger is absolutely free and there are no limits on the number of posts you can write or images you can upload to beautify your blog. You can even embed Youtube videos if that’s what floats your boat.