Defending your property from invaders!

Ben Rhodes & Ryan Jewel were recently featured on channel 7’s Sunday Night program (June 30 2019) and it made me extremely angry after an idiotic statement made by Ben who said ‘you can’t just shoot someone’ and my immediate thought was ‘don’t be a dick, of course you can!’

A bit of backstory

While high on drugs Ben & Ryan decided to rob a rural property in search of valuables and weapons. They managed to grab a stack of firearms, specifically shotguns and made a clean getaway with 19 shotguns – ‘what a f#8king haul’ what what their druggy brains would have thought.

Together they took as many weapons as they could carry and scarpered back to their place, no doubt patting each other on the back the entire time. Was 19 shotguns enough though? Of course not, so the two knuckle-draggers returned to the property – I mean, what sort of a moron robs the same place twice in one evening? Pair of dickheads!

The dickheads tried again

Their cunning, and moronic, plan came unstuck when they returned only to discover the property owner was aware of their previous activities on the property just a few hours earlier. The bad guys attempted to flee but the property owner had other idea and took a shot one of them. A bloody good shot too.., he shot Ben’s left leg clean off! His just desserts if you ask me.

While being interviewed on the Sunday program Ben said ‘people have a right to defend their property, but you can’t just shoot someone‘. Shit yeah ya can 🙂 The moment you entered his property with naughtiness on your mind, you gave up your right not to be shot at.

Important Observations

The farmer wanted to slow you down, not kill you. That’s why he shot you in the leg not chest or head.

You had already stolen 19 firearms from him, he was unaware of your intentions. You may have intended harm to the farmer and/or his family.

The farmer is king of the castle whilst you are on his property and his rules apply.

You chose to break the law. You cannot use drugs as an excuse! You chose to be on drugs, therefore you are responsible for your actions and whatever ensues as a result of those actions.

If you choose to live outside of the rules set forth by the society in which you live, you give up those rights bestowed upon you by that society.

Law abiding citizens must feel safe within their own property. Similarly, you, as a boneheaded dipstick have a right to feel safe within the confines of your property. I expect if you were invaded by unknowns you’d be the first to pickup a weapon and defend yourself, particularly if the said invader had previously broken into your home and stolen weapons. In the heat of the moment, and in the back of your mind, you are assuming the worst – ‘they’ve returned with my weapons to do me harm’. When you infringe upon another persons right to safety, you give up your own right to being safe.

What crimes the farmer prevented & how many lives did he save?

When the farmer shot Ben, the second robbery attempt was thwarted and the weapons were recovered. What future crimes were prevented at that point in time?

Had Ben & Ryan not returned a second time, or had they returned and gotten away with it what would have happened with the 19 shotguns? Might they have been sold for drugs? Perhaps Ben & Ryan may have used them in further robberies resulting in injuries to people going about their normal business. Had those stolen weapons found their way into circulation amongst their fellow ass-holes untold tragedies may have occurred. If you ask me, the farmer did the world a favour and deserves proper recognition. If nothing else he should be employed to train police shooters because he’s an excellent shot.

Thankfully the farmer was not charged. The law was applied sensibly and he continues doing whatever he did prior to these two dumb-asses appearance on his doorstep.

What would I do?

Being broken into is always on my mind and we often hear of burglaries in our area. In a previous property we had an attempted break-in, and the guy across the road was broken into while he and his wife slept. The thieves took items from their bedside tables, just a few inches away from the sleeping resident. Disgusting and a terrifying thought.

I’m prepared for such an eventuality and have under the bed, always within arms reach, a sword and I’m prepared to use it. It’s not a little-girly-pretend-sword, it’s the real deal and will remove an arm or leg without much trouble. Shit I’ve got my burglar speech all ready to go. On confronting them I’d say ‘Choose your favourite arm, because you’re not leaving with both of them‘. I’m glad we’ve got tiles throughout – it’s easier to clean blood off.

If you break into my house, then you are threatening myself & my wife and I’ll do whatever it takes to stop you. If that means pinning you to a wall with a sword through your chest to hold you in place, then that’s what I will do. I don’t try and take your stuff, and if you want your own stuff then get a job and buy it yourself. Otherwise get the f$#k out of my place.

The law says to use ‘reasonable force‘ and whatever it takes to protect my family is reasonable force.

Author: Captain Proton

Living in and loving Western Australia. Always got my eye on Broome because it doesn't seem to get cold like it does here in Perth.

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