Thankfully, Australia doesn’t have a Donald Trump

The 2019 Australian Federal Election ended in a shock result with Scott Morrison somehow dragging the LNP back into Government, despite the odds being against them. Go figure!

The opinion polls over the last few years have strongly suggested that Labor would be in Government after years of right-wing backstabbing & division driven by the likes of Peter Dutton, Tony Abbott and a few other nutty boof-heads – the screeching of Senator Cash come to mind right away.

Like it or not, Malcolm Turnbull was good for Australia because he was more of a centrist than the other choices. As much as those on the far-left and far-right might moan, their particular version of politics will never be the answer to all our woes. The truth is centrists truly are where the country, and the world, should be politically. True harmony is a balance not extremists and that’s what the far right & left are.

Something Australia should be thankful for is that we don’t have a Donald Trump! We may moan & complain about the stupidity of Peter Dutton and his ilk, but at the end of the day he is an intelligent individual who sadly is on the wrong side of politics. I can honestly say within Australian Politics there are very few truly moronic people, but I cannot say the same for the United States of America. It would seem their current president is the worlds number one moron.

Donald Trump in the White House

Americans are in big trouble and their President must be recorded in the history books as the stupidest, most embarrassing world leader in history, and by association, his die-hard supporters must be rather stupid also.

No matter how long and hard I think about it, I cannot fathom how anybody could support him and the things he says publicly. Particularly if you look at his track record of failures, scandals and his flexible relationship with facts. You must conclude that Donald Trump, the dumbest president in history.

Think about it…

Consider Robert Mueller / Donald Trump and pretend you din’t know who they were. You must decide who you will back and support based only on what we know about each man (or one man and a petulant child).

Presented with two choices, person A & B with attributes listed for each you would likely see the following.

Person A

Spent adult life upholding & fighting for the United States Constitution. Has demonstrated a desire for truth, justice and the American way. Identifies as a Republican. A man who has pursued and prosecuted enemies of the American People. Someone who puts truth above all else. He had an exemplary military record and received the following awards and honours;

Bronze Star Medal with Combat “V”Purple Heart Medal, two Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals with Combat “V”, Combat Action RibbonNational Defense Service MedalVietnam Service Medal with four service starsRepublic of Vietnam Gallantry CrossRepublic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, and Parachutist Badge

A honourable man who has honourably served his country. A person who has never uttered a word of untruth to benefit himself. Someone who, when publicly defamed falsely attacked by detractors has never sunk to their level and attempted to defend himself. He is a person of good moral character and high standards.

Person B

Explosive Trump - Idiot in charge!

Spent his entire adult life lying to and cheating people. Has personally forced families and business into bankruptcy while benefiting himself. Deliberately doesn’t pay bills knowing he can outspend creditors in court. Has avoided serving his country using made up medical conditions. Admitted to paying bribes to officials to benefit himself. Is a serial sexual predator. A man who has done business with enemies of America. Has avoided paying taxes for the majority of his working life. He created a bogus charity and then funnelled money out of it into his pockets. He is of low intelligence and his morals are questionable at best. Will attack people with verbal insults and name calling like a six year old child. Is unable to read fluently and with appropriate emotion. Has cheated on every wife he has ever had. Do I need to go on? He is a lowlife scumbag. He has told many thousands of lies in the past two years. He will lie to your face even when presented with facts that contradict him, he wont back down. He manipulates weak minded people (his supporters).

What would you do?

If you had to decide between the two people above, who would you trust? If you said Person B (Donald Trump), then you have serious issues! Stop listening to Fox’s number 1 meat head, Sean Hannity, who is known to make up stories and stir the conspiracy pot. Your life will be better if you change channels and don’t listen to him or Trump – they are morons together.

God help America because right now they are rapidly becoming a financially bankrupt third world country and in about 10 years will be borrowing money from Mexico.

Thank goodness Australia doesn’t have a Donald Trump!

Author: Captain Proton

Living in and loving Western Australia. Always got my eye on Broome because it doesn't seem to get cold like it does here in Perth.

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