Dress shoes, long pants with no socks = ridiculous

A terrifying trend has been emerging and this article is all about how this “NO SOCKS” trend got started. Wearing no socks is NOT fashionable.

To protect the identity of the idiot responsible for sending fashion spiralling into the toilet I’ll refer to him as Boris. You see, Boris had a big weekend and had drank way too much wine while attending an Australia Day BBQ.

Drunken Frog

After partying into the early hours Boris had not allowed himself sufficient time for rest before he had to start work. When he woke, his head was pounding with a hangover the likes of which he had never experienced before.

Being a conscientious worker Boris bravely suffered in silence & started preparing for work. He showered, shaved & cleaned his teeth before getting dressed for work. First his shirt, then a clean pair of undies followed by a pair of pants in desperate need of ironing. Finally he put on some shoes and shuffled off to work.

Can you see where Boris went wrong?

Colourful socks

Boris forgot his socks and he hasn’t even noticed.

When Boris arrived at work, looking like an idiot, his boss said “Boris, where are your socks?” Boris replied “Um, it’s the latest trend and only cool people can get away with it”.

Sadly, the boss now believes there is a new trend and not wanting to be left out he takes off his socks and tells customers “it’s a trend and I’m cool!”

Before you know it, people everywhere think it’s trendy and cool wearing long pants, no socks and dress shoes. I’m here to tell you it’s not cool or trendy.


I’m calling Bullshit on this trend! When wearing long pants, no socks and dress shoes you look ridiculous and my immediate thought is you’re a moron.

At no time is it ok to not wear socks! I was shocked when I saw Master Chef’s George Calombaris with no socks on a week or two ago. He looked like a complete and utter dickhead and each time I see him I cringe.

Don’t get me wrong, I like George and I like Master Chef very much but they have made an error in judgement when they dressed him. Surely the Channel Ten wardrobe department can’t consider his appearance as “trend setting” or “cool”. Who ever heads up that department should be sacked for allowing George to appear looking so grotesquely stupid on national TV.

If you are one of those people believing you look good with no socks, please get your head examined as well as your eyes. Your fashion sense is shot! Wearing no socks is not fashionable.

Author: Captain Proton

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