Create great looking Blogs

Just as you would beautify your garden with colourful flowers, shrubs and trees it’s important you do the same with blogs. Dress them up with illustrations and photographs.

A good source of royalty free images can be found at

Use images which are on-topic and don’t forget the Feature Image. The feature image is not displayed within the blog but is shown on our other web pages and attract visitors attention to your blog entries.

Of course you can upload your own photographs too. Once you have inserted them into your blog you can resize it and align it with your text to really bring sex-appeal to your ramblings.

Decorate Headings too!

Using headings is a great way to further break down you blog. It makes it easier to read and highlights what a paragraph might be about. You can also modify a paragraph using the ‘Quote’ style, like the following;

This is an example of Quote Style and anything within this paragraph will be highlighted just as this text is.

You gotta love Quote Style!

Bottom line is you have lots of options for making your blogs stand out. Don’t forget you can experiment and save your blogs as drafts and then preview them as you go before posting it for public consumption.

Old or New WordPress Editor

Use either the new Gutenberg Editor for creating your articles, the choice is yours. If you are familiar with the old then keep using it, although we suggest you try the new one because it’s very powerful and allows you to easily embed Tweets, Youtube Videos and more.

For more information on how to use the new editor visit

Wait… Use Categories

Make use of the Categories we have provided you and if you can’t find one that suits, let us know and we’ll create a new one for you.

Categorising blogs makes it easier for people looking for particular topics. They can select a category and show blogs within that category much faster.


Each time you post an article or edit your existing articles we will post it to our twitter feed. You can follow us on Twitter: @WoZBlogger

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