How to use Categories

When you submit a new article it is important to consider how you should categorise it. Categories are like a filing system and allow items to be more easily found.

You can add your article to as many categories as you like but try and be a bit smart about it. Only add your article to a category if the category title is related to your content. Your article might be about politics and tourism and therefore qualifies for both of those categories.

If you have spent the last hour creating the perfect article explaining the meaning of life and you put it into the ‘Technology’ category, nobody is going to see it. Categories help people find your words of wisdom. When you click on a category (on the menu to the right) only articles within that category will be shown.

Categories are very useful and careful and thoughtful use of them will drive more people to your life changing article.

All I can say is, Think McFly… think.

Author: WoZ Blogger

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