Our first Blog Post

I’m the first blogger because I work here and someone had to do it 🙂

I’m going to do my best to define what this site is about and hope the words choose properly convey what my brain is thinking – it’s not unusual for my brain & mouth to be out of sync!

Under normal circumstances I’m not good at getting concepts & ideas across to others and in my head it all makes perfect sense but when I ask someone to explain it back to me… well, let’s just say it’s never the same.

Bottom line, this blogging site is for Western Australians! It’s not for people in Queensland or NSW or any of those other minor states – hahaha I said ‘minor states’. Of course folks from those other states can read and enjoy your articles but they cannot create them.

Let’s face facts… Western Australians are the best Australians and whilst other states moan, grunt and dribble about their superiority the truth is we are better 😁. I know this because I lived in other states most of my life and while they are nice places to visit they aren’t WA. I’ve only been here ten years and I love it, not just because my wife told me so but because I genuinely love it here.

Of course WA has it’s issues, for example, you’re some of the worst drivers I’ve ever seen. I’m convinced many folks got their drivers license out of cornflakes packets – I digress and should get back on topic.

The internet is huge – really enormous, and while other sites grow and take in subscribers from almost anywhere we want the opposite. Our target users are Western Australians whom want to share their WA experiences with other West Australians. You can blog about anything from anywhere in the world, but you must live here in Western Australia. Sounds awesome doesn’t it.

By the way the WoZ in our web site name is pronounced ‘W Ozzie’ or ‘W Oz’, whichever suits you best. I really can feel your excitement from here! When selecting our name we wanted something Australian and signifying the West and WoZ was what came to mind after a few beers & a bucket prawns. Oh, and I dislike the term Sand Gropers!

Did I mention that we are free? By signing up and blogging you can officially refer to yourself as a “WoZ Blogger”. Now that’s an icebreaker at parties, they’ll look at you funny and say “you’re a what?” and then you can explain it to them for me.

At the time of writing this blog entry we haven’t even launched our site, so for now this is the only post on here. WoZ Blogger is the first in a series of Web Sites from WoZ Sites, a small local business (one man show right now) in Mandurah. I hope Western Australia get’s behind us and blog until their fingers bleed – just sign up and start typing.


You can blog about anything you like on any topic, sports, politics, relationships, travel or anything else you can think of. We’ve created a range of categories but have probably forgotten a few. If you want a category which doesn’t exist, let me know and I’ll create it.

What wont be tolerated is hate speech, racism, or discrimination. You may voice your opinions on these things but you cannot be blatantly hateful, racist or discriminating towards an individual or group.

Now, stop reading and start blogging.

Author: WoZ Blogger